Photo Diary: Finding Peace in Nature

Post by: Cass

There are two places I love to lose myself into: the reality of books and the natural world. While I love to get immersed into books and travel to wondrous worlds/universes that don’t exist or become invested in characters as if we were the closest of friends, there is nothing quite like the natural beauty of this world. Sometimes, it’s so nice and refreshing for my soul to just get outside. Whether it’s taking a hike through the woods or to a waterfall, setting up the hammock to read in the shade, or simply taking the moment to enjoy the flowers/plants I notice in passing, nature never ceases to lighten me up. Below are just a few recent photographs of nature that truly amazed me and bring a small smile to my face.

After a 6.5 mile hike, this view of the waterfall is worth it
July is the best time to stumble upon (or intentionally look for) sunflower fields
All that green just feeds your soul
There’s something special about a mountain view with a good book
A mini waterfall to tease those who see it of more to come
You can even find amazing flowers during walks in the park
Saltwater will always flow through my veins
During a rough hike, views like this creeping through the treeline help to distract your legs
Palm trees are such interesting trees and always found at the best tropical locations
No words are really needed to capture this view
Can’t forget the unique and beautiful role that animals (particularly these koi fish) play within nature
I try to bring a little extra nature to my place by having a mini garden of Fresco peppers (with hopefully more vegetables to come)
Always go and chase the waterfalls (no matter what the song says)
Even when time is short, you can still find a mini piece of nature

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