Welcome to Crazy Cat Lady Reads!

Welcome to Crazy Cat Lady Reads! This is our first blog post, and we are so excited to share our love of all things cats and books with y’all! Here’s hoping blogging is a bit easier than herding cats.

We’re two sisters and two cats who love reading books, talking books, and now reviewing books. We named this blog CrazyCatLadyReads because frankly, we are crazy cat ladies. We grew up with a den of cats over the years — Plague, Midnight, Cocoa, Neo, Clover, Fluffy, and Squishy. We loved those cats, and they were our first companions. They saw us as we grew up, and they cuddled with us as we read our first books. And read we did — nearly nonstop. Since childhood, we found both our love of cats and books, and we’re excited to continue it here!

We’ll be reading a huge swath, pulling from all corners of the library, and of course, we’ll always be accompanied by our trusty four-legged friends. Leo, the handsome gentleman above, is best friend to Hazel, the beautiful lady with the fierce eyes on our banner. We’ll be sharing new book reviews with y’all, as well as some of our classic favorites, and you can bet that these two cute cats will be fighting for our attention along the way. Welcome to Crazy Cat Lady Reads!

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